Look with your special eyes!

Directing a short film is something……let me tell ya what. That is the opening line to this article, written on May 4. Today is September 8 and it’s the first time I’ve touched it since then. When I opened the document and saw it, I tried to think back to what I must have been […]

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Geaux Geaux! Parish Taceaux!

“Picture it. Downtown Shreveport….1999….it was THE Y2k New Year’s Eve party of the century,” Beaux Hays, general manager of Parish Taceaux, continued, “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince was blaring out of every window in the old Ivan Smith building. We were doing what we were told to do: party! Since computers would no longer […]

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Maybe the Happiest Thing

A few days ago someone asked me an unexpected question in reference to my website & my articles, “Do you write during the day or do you have a day job?” I laughed and said, “No…I wish! However I am a mom, a nanny, and a college student.” I went on to add that I […]

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