Shreveport-Bossier Geeks have had ENOUGH!

Celebs accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls at cons are now considered prized guests in Shreveport, apparently.

Vic Mignogna (not pictured) has a long history of sexual assault accusations on fans at cons – most notably teenage girls – and black-listed in the anime con circuit

After a weekend spent camping in the Colorado mountains, I woke up this morning to see that one of my best friends had already been making a stink about something on Facebook, so I did a little investigating. Then I talked to a bunch of other people and I decided that it is time to let the public know what’s up. Even though I moved in January from my hometown, I still care about everyone there. When I started the Zombie Walk in 2008, it was in order to bring fun to the community, but mostly to help those less fortunate. After the first walk, one of the attendees started calling me “Zombie Queen” and it stuck. I don’t take that lightly anymore – and I’m ready to chomp on some f’kn skulls.

    Geek’d Con began in 2015 and the geek community accepted it with open arms. Yes, we had a few geeky conventions come to the area before and since then, and they were fairly well-received, however when Geek’d began it seemed to quickly turn into one of the coolest and most entertaining conventions that had ever happened in SBC. This had to do, in the most part, with the fact that it is run by a major corporation. Whenever there are already existing funds to support a business venture, things tend to be higher quality.  So when a local station, 99x – owned by Townsquare Media, announced that the con would be a yearly event, I got very excited, as did thousands of other geeks. I thought it would be a great idea to cover the convention so that my readers will know what kind of cool stuff is happening for local geeks. Little did I know that I would be entering into a territory that I am still trying to comprehend – one that is led by greedy people and cooperations who will say whatever you want to hear to get your money.

In the upcoming weeks before Geek’d a few years ago, I set up an appointment with the BMIC at the station, the guy who runs the whole shebang – Greg “Atoms” Adams, who was also a radio personality/DJ. And boy…..did I get an interview I did NOT expect. I sat in his office while he berated Shreveport-Bossier geeks, smugly bragged about how much HE had been doing and how if HE hadn’t convinved the big wigs to do the con, we wouldn’t have a con at all.

He literally sat at his desk, arms crossed, and talked AT ME while I tried to not pass out from the pain in my mouth from biting my tongue for 2 hours straight. My notes were scribbles of the horrible things he said. I went home and wrote a very short article (here) because I didn’t have ANY good notes to share, much less a positive angle to spin. Do people really act like that and expect a positive reaction?

I gave him so many second chances over the years. I supported the con, promoted it on my social media and website,  even gave him one of my Wonder Woman action figures, all the while wondering why I was still being nice to him. I recently realized it was because I was afraid to cause a stink or lose the Con altogether. But now…..I am TIRED of hearing stories about how people have been treated by Geek’d (Greg Adams in particular) in the past and still to this day and NO JUSTICE is being served. What would Wonder Woman have to say about it?

I also interviewed him AGAIN in the weeks up to Geek’d #5, hoping to get different results, hoping that local geeks had somehow broken through his arrogant shell, causing him to actually care. But he was worse! I never thought I would have the absolute balls to write this article but when I saw that Geek’d Con “Mini” 2020 was bringing in a celebrity that has been blacklisted for alleged sexual assault, escpecially of teenage girls/fans at cons, I became pretty livid.

After all these years, according to the personal  interviews & stories I have heard from others – mostly women – lead me to believe that the Geek’d Con crew – especially the BMIC – has not one single care for ANY person in Shreveport- Bossier, much less us geeks. They just want our money and will stop at nothing to get it. Don’t let the shiny posters, flashy lights, celebrities, etc….get you confused. It’s an entirely different world behind the scenes of a con. And if anything underhanded or unprofessional is ongoing, it WILL come to light because, like my Mamaw used to always say, “Actions speak louder than words.”

The article that I never wrote would have included the following tidbits:

  • Mr. Adams really wants to be called “King of the Geeks” by all area geeks, so much so that he proclamed it himself last year.
  • He believes that because Geek’d brings money into the local economy, they shouldn’t have to pay to use the Downtown Convention center….especially since one time there was a ceiling leak with a trash can under it.
  • Price-gouging – this Con charges WAY too much. I’m not talking about individual celebs or booths, artists, etc…I’m talking admission price, VIP package costs, etc….and in light of this, he gave military families $5 off their ticket on any day of the con. Nice try, but that can still be too expensive for anyone who isn’t military. Think of ALL the geeks. Louisiana is a POOR state, so why take advantage of that? Simple: greed.
  • Booth rental became so high that local artists and vendors couldn’t afford to even get a chance to sell their art or merch.
  • Whenever a leader wants the spotlight on them instead of their cause, they lose respect and support.
  • Money is more important than people to them – there is blantant sexism and mysoginy running rampant behind the scenes.
  • Cosplayers are called all kinds of names by organizers, and the teenage girls have been referred to as “sluts who only want attention” by Mr. Atoms himself. He has been quoted as saying in a FB group “If it were up to me, no cosplayers would be allowed into Geek’d Con.”
  • Most importantly, THEY ARE BRINGING A PEDOPHILE INTO OUR TOWN TO MEET OUR CHILDREN. Everytime someone has mentioned it on FB, they have deleted the comments and blocked people. I have screenshots and proof of all of this.
  • When Elvira came a few years ago, he already knew that she wouldn’t be in costume because they couldn’t afford to pay Cassandra Peterson the extra money she requires for being in character. He told me this in that first interview and i had a funny feeling about it. I had already met her in and out of character at Texas Frightmare so I knew what that was all about. However, he NEVER made mention of that in advertising. I was standing at the front of the line when Ms. Peterson walked in and lots of people were pissed that she wasn’t in character – as advertised – and they literally got out of line and left. Way to disappoint the fans and take their hard-earned money.

    So now, the question becomes….will we put up with this crap? Does having a big geeky convention mean so much to us geeks that we are willing to ignore this kind of disrespect? Maybe some don’t care, but enough of us DO CARE and want to make something happen. There are plenty of other AWESOME cons that will come here and treat us better, without pushing out other cons and monopolizing the market. Remember the con a few years ago, at Bossier Convention Center? It was so packed people couldn’t get in and that was the only bad thing. People griped and complained about that. Also, remember the con at the Hirsch, with Jason Mewes? It was awesome! The people running the show obviously knew what they were doing.

Jay himself, Jason Mewes – genuinely one of the sweetest celebs ive ever met, right after Tony Todd at the first first Horror Realm in 2009 (one of my publishers was a sponsor) George Perez at a Geek’d Con in Shreveport, Norman Reedus & George Romero at TX Frightmare in Dallas, and Jon Bernthal at my local Starbucks in Shreveport.

That’s the kind of cons we need here – ones that cater to the fans instead of expecting the fans to pander to their pompous employees when their ego gets too big to contain. Knowingly bringing in a star that has a history of abusing fans is blantant disregard for the safety of our geek kids and I, for one, and many others like me, are not gonna stay quiet anymore.

Here’s what other local geeks have to say:

“He has history of trying to get controversial guests because of their cheap booking…..(sic) he thought “Tobuscus” Toby Tuner would be a good guest for Geekd one year, who was also in hot water for sexual assault and abuse in the past.” – someone behind the scenes who wishes to remain anon

“Greg Atoms tried to black ball me from the cosplay community after I confronted him about slut shaming, fat shaming, and objectifying cosplayers. And this was after I was already banned from the Geek’d Con group on fb Because I called him out for saying that cosplayers don’t belong at conventions and he would never take the cosplay competition seriously because it’s just a bunch of little fake nerd girls wanting to dress slutty for attention.” a former Geek’d con fan who wishes to stay anon

These are just what I’ve heard and there are likely to be hundreds more similar stories out there. As you can see, Mr. Adams and the crew that organizes Geek’d Con have NO consideration for actual people, just their money. And if they are knowingly and willfully bringing creepers around our kids, are we gonna sit by and put up with ALL of this BS?

    On one last note, people HAVE been blacklisted on a local level for speaking out against him. People have lost friends, business opportunities, etc….just because they spoke out against something that is BAD. If anyone has the balls to try to blacklist me, GOOD LUCK. Because I don’t care, I don’t live in Shreveport anymore. Yet I will still defend my hometown. And if you wanna take a chance, just know that I never try anything, I just do it. Wanna try me?

Got to pet his 2 big sweet dogs & when I told Jon about the Shreveport Zombie Walk he said he was honored to meet me 🥰

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