Geaux Geaux! Parish Taceaux!

“Picture it. Downtown Shreveport….1999….it was THE Y2k New Year’s Eve party of the century,” Beaux Hays, general manager of Parish Taceaux, continued, “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince was blaring out of every window in the old Ivan Smith building. We were doing what we were told to do: party! Since computers would no longer be able to tell us the correct date & time, we were ready for the world to burn. What better way to go out then binging on tacos & margaritas with your friends?”

The truth is out there & I want to believe!

The restaurant didn’t open it’s doors until June 2016 but the concept began years before, when people everywhere thought the end was nigh. Apocalypse! War, Diseases, and Zombies, children! Although Beaux was hard-pressed to give details he did tell me this – the original cast of a very popular franchise stumbled into that Y2k party somehow and the result was like manna, ambrosia & lembas bread combined: the Parish Taceaux.

Apparently the real story is a highly classified secret, much like the ingredients in Dr. Pibber and Arkansas fried chicken. But there had to be some kind of mystical forces involved to create such a tantalizing treat for the taste buds. (Say that five times) How else could a homegrown “non-traditional, not Tex-Mex” taceaux joint make it so big in such a short amount of time? There’s no way that having fresh, delicious, unique ingredients & creative recipes has anything to do with it. Nope! It can’t be the daily specials, the specialty drinks and the award-winning food and salsa. Nada! And it is absolutely NOT because they have an excellent staff that makes you feel right at home when you walk in the door. Nahhhhhhh! Can’t be that simple…..can it? Can it? Seriously….I’m a bit perplexed here. Is it really that easy? Is the food and service at Parish Taceaux really THAT excellent?

Would you actually eat this? No? Didn’t think so. Okay, I will dispose of it for you personally. Hang tight, I’m on my way.

Spicy Fried Shrimp (left) and my personal fav Korean BBQ

So I did some research (aka put food in my mouth hole) and as it turns out, YES! It really is that easy to have an excellent local eatery. But they don’t stop there. Somewhere between $3 Taceaux Tuesday, $12 Friday night margarita flights, Happy Hour, Saturday morning drink specials, and catering events, they also dedicate time to making their delectable menu work for the community. Many local charities and nonprofits have benefited from the contributions collected during special in-house events; 15% of proceeds goes directly to the selected community service. One of those places – The Renzi Center – is very close to my heart. Not only did my sons attend Renzi over the course of 10 years during their childhood, I am a teacher there so I know firsthand how much donations help us mentor and motivate our precious little angels students.

I believe the children are the future! Reminds me of how I used to be!

Parish Taceaux is different than the usual, but it definitely has something for everyone. Want a classic Taceaux without all the fuss? They got you covered with the Old School. Want something that tastes like mini David Bowie is in your mouth, singing Dance Magic Dance while throwing around flavor like it’s an unwanted toddler? Then check out their most popular original Taceauxs: Korean BBQ, featuring tender marinated skirt steak, bold-flavored kimchi pickle, honey sriracha aioli & green onion. Yummy! How about a Spicy Shrimp taceaux, with cajun-fried shrimp, chipotle aioli, lettuce & red pepper puree? DELISH! But the Potato taceuax might be the one that surprises you most. It’s a tasty combo of spicy home fries, queso blanco, tomatoes, green onion & cheddar. Of course you can add some meat if you like but don’t be afraid to open your mind to vegan options; they are just as flavorful & filling as the rest of the menu, which you can see here.

Okay so now onto the drinks, which deserve their own paragraph. Each handmade drink is distinctively original. Every mix is made from the freshest, highest quality ingredients and is all made in-house. Even their margarita mix is special; no sugar or corn syrup is involved. Instead their recipe calls for only the best blue agave sweetener. The tartness of the lime is allowed to shine along with top shelf Tequila Monte Alban. For the best bang for your buck, catch yourself a few during Happy Hour Mon – Sat from 2 – 6 pm or on Taceaux Tuesdays til 9 pm. Friday nights feature $12 Margarita Flights, hand-crafted by the lovely bartender Emilee.

Emilie (left) enjoys telling co-workers about her 42 kittens, which she rescued & trained to fight crime.

Parish Taceaux is located directly next to artspace in Downtown Shreveport. Diners have a bird’s eye view of the art collections on display just opposite the bar. So put ’em on the glass & check that stuff out! (Please don’t actually put them on the glass, I will get emails)

I call her Goddess of Parish Taceaux. Her beauty inspires millions to buy more taceauxs! Original art by Jason Pliler (featuring local artist/model Hillary Frazier) currently on display at artspace

Owner & proprietor Jason Brady, who also owns Wine Country, did an excellent job of blending contemporary & modern culture by converting it into an edible experience & serving it up on a plate…..come to think of it, the plate probably tastes good, too….

Special entertainment nights feature live music, like the night hip-hop/R&B group Bond + packed the house and tore it down. Some spooky weekends include murder mystery dinners – featuring the outstanding local entertainment production company Theatre Macabre. Check out what PT is up to, as well as get ya some info on how hire them to cater your event! They are super easy to find on Facebook & Instagram, but here is their website for the OGs.

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