The Hollow Decks Celebrate Five Years ‘Fight Club’ Style

“Elbows are bad!”

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Those are three words that I would personally use to describe The Hollow Decks 5th Anniversary show at Bear’s…yet they aren’t mine. Oh no, those words were actually spoken by vocalist/guitarist Benjamin Tynan – into a live mic, no less. To a crowd of rowdy adults acting like preschoolers. HELL YES!

I was sitting in the very back of the crowd when this happened so I didn’t get a bird’s eye view. However I had to stop and laugh just a bit when I heard Ben admonish the crowd of overzealous fans. “Don’t purposefully elbow people in the face!” continued Tynan. The teeming masses upfront settled down & the Decks went right back onto playing their hearts out. Because that’s what they do. That’s what teams do. They deal with the issue & keep on going. There is no “I” in “team” but there is an “I” in “meatpie” or something like that.

I’ve watched over the years as this little Shreveport cover band started small playing local shows. The Decks now have a menagerie of past performances, many in other states. That includes a whirlwind week at historical Sloppy Joe’s in Key West, Florida – which is famously known for it’s connection to prohibition – but mostly for being the haunt of one Mr. Ernest Hemingway. And lizards. Lots of lizards.

So…let’s talk about the 1990’s. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? When you tap it correctly, you are pretty likely to strike oil. Right now 80’s and 90’s pop culture is all the rage. The loud fashions, the big hair, the bright colors, the synth sounds, the tight pants, The Simpsons, MTV and Nickelodeon, HBO and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. You just can’t beat it……right, Paul Reubens? Anyways, I was there and so I care! Basically, what I am saying is that if you want to know how to reach the widest possible audience that encompasses several generations of fans, please remember that the Decks figured it out 5 years ago: being a GEEK and a NERD is now cool. Live long and prosper, bitches.

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They’ve been called the best cover band in town. They are up to their eyes in local entertainment nominations and awards. Their shows are always well attended; music lovers sing, dance, frolic and prance…..sometimes they whack their pointy bones into each others face holes. Sometimes! Not all the time, that would be just crazy! Oh well, welcome to Ratchet City, USA!

All joking aside, persistence goes a long way when making it in the local music scene. The Hollow Decks not only have natural talent, they know how to work together to bring the party and keep it hopping all night long. That’s what happens when four awesome musicians work together – energetic, determined & dedicated – with a simple goal: entertain the F*^k out of their audience! Playing a BUNCH of shows (well over 100 since formation) also helps, of course. When you think about it logically, lots of shows equates to LOTS of practice. Bands must take time – individually and together – to hone their craft. It’s the old adage that practice produces perfection and the Decks are pretty freakin’ close to being a town full of Graboids, if you catch my drift.

Not only do Dexter, Ben, Gregg & Adam perform with heart and passion – they also have normal lives with jobs, families, wives, girlfriends, parents, brothers, sisters and kids. In other words, they are surrounded by supporting family and friends and they make sure to prioritize their time for what is most important. It’s a difficult life to juggle and a thin line to walk!

They rock, they roll, they rap and they have soul. From Matchbox 20 to Eminem, from Coolio to Third Eye Blind, The Hollow Decks do it all, relying on their own uniquely expressive style to make every performance worth every moment. I would highly recommend you catch them soon! You won’t be disappointed. And if you are, come see me. I have an elbow to show you. 😉

Upcoming shows:

April 19 – Rick’s on the Square – Tyler, TX

April 27 – Tiki Bar – Shreveport, LA

More info and tour dates available on Facebook and The Hollow Decks website

You can also find out how to book them for public and private performances!

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