Geek’d Con Shreveport Celebrates Five Fun & Fabulous Years

Look! What’s that? Up in the sky! Is it a bird! Is it a plane? No! It’s a rock flying towards your head, duck!


Now that I have your attention, let me ask you a question. Do you remember 2015? Five years have flown by like Barry Allen when he’s looking for a place to cry! It seems like only yesterday that the first Geek’d Con in Shreveport opened it’s doors to local geeks, who proved that they are ready and willing to fork up fistfuls of cash & shout “Here take my money!” So much so that the Downtown con has become an annual event that draws record numbers of attendees locally and from surrounding cities and states.

These types of events start small, and they start with an idea. Someone has to come up with that idea. That someone is local DJ Greg Atoms. He was a newbie to Port City back when he noticed the need for more pop culture related events. Since the con market is very competitive, Greg knew he had a challenge on his hands yet he didn’t let that hold him back, saying “my goal is to prove that we’re all a little geeky on the inside.” Taking on such an ambitious project has left Greg proud, yet he’s incredibly thankful that Shreveport has given him the opportunity to prove himself in providing a different & new event to our area.

What began years ago has gained momentum and progressed into an all out, fully fledged convention & star studded event. However the best part is the emergence of local geeks, nerds, wrestling fans, anime lovers, horror fanatics, gamers, RPGers, comic book fans, cosplayers, artists, crafters, writers & so much more. Here is a listing of the top celebs making their way to downtown Shreve in a couple of weeks: Levar Burton, Michael Rooker, Trish Stratus, Lori Petty, Barry Bostwick, Richard Brake & many more, including voice actors & comic book artist icons. Not only will fans have the chance to meet their favorite celebs, they will have an opportunity to give back to the community by donating blood on site courtesy of Life Share Blood Center. This is a first for Geek’d Con & one addition that is a smart idea. Given the fact that overall attendance for the entire weekend is expected to be well into the thousands, the blood bank should be bursting like a tick, and not the kind that you’re thinking about…..

Ready your utensil battle cry!

This year’s banner con will have something for everyone. Geek & pop culture merchandise will be everywhere you look so everyone is sure to find something to take home, for themselves or as gifts for the upcoming holiday season. (Yes, we are almost there, let’s stop talking about it!) Anyways….the organizers understand that it’s important to look out for local geeks, so they aim to keep prices low. One thing to note is that all weekend & day pass tickets are $5 off for military.

So how does a con bring in such cool guests? Sometimes the celebs themselves reach out to organizers, as is the case with Richard Brake, who portrays the Night King in HBO’s extremely popular show Game of Thrones. Mr. Brake gave up some of his usual contract details in agreeing to attend Geek’d Con, and we love him all the more for it! Oh, and “Mary Poppins” himself, Michael Rooker, was referred to Geek’d Con by Brian O’Halloran of Clerks fame. Brian loves Shreveport & the people here so much that he promotes the mess out of it to other famous personalities. How cool is that? I can’t also help but wonder if Rooker’s pal, director James Gunn, had anything to do with prodding him to head toward the Boot, seeing as he filmed Super here about a decade ago. Gunn did say that Shreveport was a very cool place to make films.

Geek’d Con has served the area for many years, supporting local artists & creatives as well as making a positive economic impact. This year, Margaritaville in Bossier City is the official sponsor, which sets the bar a little higher for future cons. Although it has grown & looks great right now, Greg Atoms warns that we can never know what the future holds. He said that most shows don’t make it past the first year, let alone to five. That got me to wondering why. I think I believe that through all of the bumps & bruises of the journey, everyone involved from planners, organizers, city officials, vendors, artists, to celebrities & attendees, have done it all for one reason: their heart is in the right place! True believers – we know what’s up & I think Papa Lee would be proud of the people of SBC. Let us assemble, local geeks, and all cry out in unison: EXCELSIOR!

Hope to see you all there, I will be taking a lot of pictures so pose and/or smile when you see me!

Est. 2015 & still going strong

Check out some of my shots from years past & see if you recognize anyone!

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