Maybe the Happiest Thing

A few days ago someone asked me an unexpected question in reference to my website & my articles, “Do you write during the day or do you have a day job?” I laughed and said, “No…I wish! However I am a mom, a nanny, and a college student.” I went on to add that I write papers and essays for school because I have to, but I only write for pleasure when I am inspired. Well let me tell you…I was most assuredly inspired last night and it was completely unexpected.


Let me start by saying that live music better be good if it is gonna make we want to stay away from my comfy, cozy bed past 10:30 PM. I had no clue that while I was chatting up a friend and making plans to call it a night, something magical was getting ready to happen on stage at The Tiki here in Shreveport. Olivia Mainville & the Aquatic Troop started playing. I was listening to my friend chat, kinda bobbing my head along to the music. Then I heard Olivia Mainville start to sing. Wow. I immediately rubber-necked it and focused on this band. Who was this talented group of youngsters led by a dark-haired siren, and where did they come from? It didn’t take me long to find Mike, awesome bartender & talent coordinator. He said that they were here all the way from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I was further impressed. Independent music, you say…? They have a brass section with various horns & Olivia herself plays the violin? Am I the only person who sees the flash of a trombone slide and immediately gets up and goes directly to the front of the stage? Maybe…but do I care? NO! Good music is meant to be enjoyed!


Between sets, I chatted up the band members a little bit and of course, I bought some swag. You’ve gotta support local talent and you should support the out-of-town bands when they visit, especially if you want them to come back. I couldn’t stay out too late however, so before I left I made sure to let the band know how much I appreciated their talent & how much of a treat it was to get to hear them play in my hometown. On the way home, I popped their debut album Maybe the Saddest Thing into my car’s CD player. Hearing Olivia’s hauntingly beautiful voice was enough to make me take the long way home. (props to Supertramp)  I love way that the instrumentals are layered and how they all blend together beautifully to bring light to Ms. Mainville’s wonderful voice. Each band member is extremely talented, obviously enjoying every second of playing together. According to their Facebook page, they are “inventive, genre-crossing music with a vintage feel. Progressive, alternative, old-timey.” I would definitely agree with this. When I got to track four, titled “I Need Time,” I started to feel a little like I do when listening to Jim James (My Morning Jacket) sing. That realization made me catch my breath. I am so glad I bought their music.

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Not only did their debut album win the 2016 WYCE Jammies Folk Contemporary Album of the Year, the album features a special guest appearance by David Bowie’s former bandleader and lead guitarist, Gerry Leonard. That’s quite an impressive list of accomplishments already!

Olivia Mainville & The Aquatic Troupe (Photo by Chris Switzer Photography)
Olivia Mainville & The Aquatic Troupe (Photo by Chris Switzer Photography)

Band members are Olvia Mainville (she actually writes all the songs – GIRL POWER!) Andy Fettig, Bleu Quick, Libby DeCamp, and Ian Burk. Find out more about the band here.

Check out their website Olivia Mainville & the Aquatic Troupe to hear samples of their music & buy some for yourself. You can also find them on Facebook to stay up to date with their projects & touring schedule.

“You don’t know who you are ’till you fall apart.” Lyrics from the song “Commercial Art” from their debut album Maybe the Saddest Thing

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