Get Your Geek’d Con On!


This past weekend, the Shreveport Convention Center was THE place to be for local geeks! Geek’d Con 2016, in its second year, is a welcome change of scenery from the usual events that happen around these parts. It seems as if attendees are in agreement that it was a smash hit and an outstanding success!

I attended Friday night (vendor night) to promote the upcoming SBC Zombie Walk 2016, a charity/community event that I organize. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people pouring in the doors on what is usually the slowest night of a convention. The smiles on the faces of everyone was a wonderful sight to see. I don’t think Shreveport-Bossier City knew just how geeky we all are!

I spent a lot of time there Saturday, and took lots of pictures, which you can see on my Facebook page. Sunday was pretty busy, too! Contests, panels, special guests, vendors giving away prizes…and LOTS of awesome cosplay!

There were so many special guests…good ones, too! There were vendors of geeky wares & artists of all mediums, and for me, original geeky art is one of my favorite things to collect. Dimitri Walker, who came here from Atlanta, GA to visit friends and share his creative genius, is now one of my favorite modern artists. His ability to paint original art that blends many different genres is definitely a talent worth collecting.

This print by Dimitri Walker is definitely going next to my bathtub.
This print by Dimitri Walker is definitely going next to my bathtub.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark and the Queen of Halloween was the most anticipated guest. I stood in line briefly on Sunday to get something signed by her, and I met a man named Danny who drove all the way from south Louisiana at midnight last night, just to meet Cassandra Peterson. He had been helping his sister clean up from the flooding and found out Ms. Peterson was coming to Shreveport. He packed his bag, hit the road (getting a speeding ticket on the way) and checked into his hotel room at 7 am. I have never seen a fan so excited to meet a celebrity. He told me stories about how he and his daughter used to watch Elvira together when she was young. I was moved by his story. I used to watch Elvira with my dad, too. Read my story about it here.

All in all, Geek’d Con was amazing. All of the vendors, sponsors, and promoters were professional (and pretty fun) and the celebrities were so good to their fans.

Here’s a few of my favorite shots from the con. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t wait for Geek’d Con 2017! Until then….get ready…ZOMBIES ARE COMING!

SBC Zombie Walk 2016: Love & Brains – Necromanor Haunt – Bossier City, LA – Saturday, October 1st – 4-9 PM

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