Geek’d Con 2016

Last year, downtown Shreveport’s convention center was host to the first Geek’d Con. This year, the con is coming back August 19-21 & is ready to make all local geeks pretty happy. The line up includes top-notch talent such as: Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) Kathy Najimy (Hocus Pocus, King of the Hill) Brian O’Halloran (Clerks) Tara Reid (Sharknado) and lots of other awesome actors, cosplayers, artists, wrestlers, and more. See the official line up here.

I spoke with Greg Atoms, D.J. at The Rock Station 99X, who helped bring Geek’d Con to the area. Although a lot was discussed, there was one main thing I took from our interview: the geeks of Shreveport-Bossier City and the surrounding area are amazing, wonderful, and die-hard fans that love what they love and aren’t afraid to show it. You’ve got your cosplay geeks, your comic book folks, the Anime crowd…you have the super hero fans, the DC and the Marvel and everything in-between. Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, music, cartoons, movies, monsters, aliens, WHAT HAVE YOU, am I right? You have folks like me who like a little bit of everything with zombies & Wonder Woman being right at the tip-top of my many geekdoms. Sounds like we are all just a bunch of fun-loving people who seek to see the best in others by seeing those things in ourselves when we relate to a fictional character. What do you think? I think that it’s cathartic – like therapy for the geeky masses…except when lots of negativity gets thrown into the mix – which has been happening locally here a lot lately. Why can’t we all just get along? I MEAN REALLY?? Ruminating and complaining about how bad things have been in the past do not help us move forward to a better geek community in this area.

So what happens when you run across someone who doesn’t “get” your genre of geekiness? What do you say to someone who says to you that the thing that you love is stupid? How do you respond when you are told that you don’t have a right to be a fan because you haven’t been one “long enough” or because you don’t know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of a character or story line when you get drilled about it? Let me answer that for you:

Just SMILE & WAVE and keep doing what you are doing, SBC Geeks! Don’t let the haters get ya down! Go to Geek’d Con 2016, meet some awesome celebs, buy some cool merch & live la vida loca with a bunch of weirdos just like you! YAY! Who cares what anyone thinks? You are not hurting anyone. (at least you better not be!) Are you having a good time? Are you making other people (especially kids) smile? If so, then just keep on doing your thang! We have had small cons before, we have this one now, and I see even bigger and better things in the future. Just you wait, guys. 🙂 All you horror fiends, start dusting off your bottles of fake blood now because…….

Formerly known as the Shreveport Zombie Walk (est. 2008) - now is the SBC Zombie Walk
Formerly known as the Shreveport Zombie Walk (est. 2008) – now is the SBC Zombie Walk

OCTOBER 1st 2016 – The Undead will Rise Again with the Zombie Queen leading the way! So many of you have asked me to bring it back over the last few years, and I am doing just that – FOR YOU! Let’s raise the crap out of some non-perishable food and funds for some awesome charities!





And while you are at Geek’d Con, be sure to stop by the NecroManor Haunted House table to see what we have been “cooking up” for the AMAZING GRAND OPENING – which happens on the SAME NIGHT as the Shreveport-Bossier City Zombie Walk 2016: Love & Brains !!!

Here’s a funny picture now:

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