Murder Mystery Set to “KILL IT” This Weekend in Shreveport!

Murder Mystery Dressed Rehearsal!! Event tickets - Stem Events

There’s a new place in town…and let me tell you….it’s good. REALLY GOOD.

Tonight I attended the full dress rehearsal for a new interactive murder-mystery sensation that is just starting up in Shreveport. The event is taking place at Stem, just south of downtown on the corner of Line and Jordan.  It is called “Receptional Behavior,” and folks…get ready to LAUGH.


Except…..tsk, tsk….SORRY to break the news…but opening night is Friday, June 24 and it already SOLD OUT IN 36 HOURS several weeks ago as soon as tickets went on sale. HINT: Upcoming productions will sell out fast!

You can’t help but be impressed as soon as you walk into the door. It is a family-owned business, ran by a loving father who at times his own children & parents sitting at a table, chatting with visitors & bragging about their boy. Musicians come in and play lovely tunes to entertain and inspire. It is an artist’s comfort zone.

The cast, kitchen, and wait staff really worked it to the bone tonight. They are ready to dazzle, sparkle, and shine for the big opening night and many more to come. Themed events are planned, including the August 13th launch party for the SBC Zombie Walk 2016.

Owner Yancy Cazes did a great service to our area by hiring Chef Kevin to run the kitchen. EVERY SINGLE THING I have tasted from Kev’s kitchen has been phenomenal. Chef Kevin and his wife have six kids, so you KNOW he knows how to feed a bunch of people well! Delicious food that is simple, clean, and TOTALLY TASTY. What more could you ask for??? Peanut butter white chocolate martini? YES PLEASE!!! As a matter of fact, I asked him for some leftovers just so I would have some munchies while I am writing this review (and watching Last Crusade!) and yes…that sandwich was amazing, too! Check out their menu for more about the yummy stuff!

Cazes sees greatness in what our community can offer in order to entertain and inspire.

Owner Yancy Cazes has vision and he saw a huge spark of creativity when he hired on new event manager Mat Latz.

Latz has been involved in theater and drama most of his life. He graduated from C.E. Byrd High in 1996, so you know he’s a local boy. He has acted, singed, danced, been involved with, and even DIRECTED, a lot of productions over the years. Everyone that knows him sees what a bright, shining (and loving) star he is…and all you have to do is attend an event that he is directing to see it for yourself. Most people don’t know that Latz used to be in the Louisiana Army National Guard…so he’s got the stuff to do whatever he puts his mind to! It just goes to show you that the good people in our world are giving back to us in ways that we don’t even realize.

Actors, performers, producers, editors, writers, directors, event planners, etc….they put a smile on your face, right? They make you laugh, cry, scream, get angry, or whatever emotion that a performance brings out in you as an individual. It’s all cathartic….and it’s all about love.

The atmosphere at Stem is inviting, accepting, and inspiring. They are open for lunch 11 – 2 and are available to host YOUR special event!


Click on the links in this story and check it all out. There are so many fun things to see and do right here in Shreveport/Bossier City, and you don’t have to break the bank to have some great fun!


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