SBC ZOMBIE WALK 2016: Love & Brains!

October 1, 2016 – SBC Zombie Walk: Love & Brains – NecroManor – Bossier City, Louisiana

In honor of ALL who suffer because of hunger, disease, hate, bias, gender roles, stereotypes, or anything that debilitates – and their loved ones – we are not just collecting for the food bank this year.

SBC ZOMBIE WALK will be raising awareness and funds for these organizations:

Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana in Shreveport, LA

St. Jude Cancer Research

Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Research

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Walk MS

Renzi Afterschool Art & Education Center in Shreveport, LA

Providence House in Shreveport, LA

Robinson Rescue in Shreveport, LA

YWCA Domestic Violence Services & Programs in Shreveport, LA

Philadelphia House in Shreveport, LA

and possibly more to come.

Everyone has been touched by tragedy in their life. Find the good, see the good, give back the good. LOVE>HATE

Check it out on FACEBOOK and be sure to come to this HUGE AMAZING community event in Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana! All official updates will be made via Facebook!

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