Geek’d Con 2015 – Shreveport, LA


Well Shreveport, we finally got a geek con! Yes, lots of us attended Bossier’s Con, and most of us enjoyed it very much. Some folks complained about the long lines, the rain and the (really) sad fact that some people waited in line forever and never got in…yes, we all know…it sucked for those people. However, don’t blame the organizers. They were so brave to go for it, and I for one am very glad they did. Organizing such awesome events is hard work and there are always bumps in the road. No one expected that the Bossier Civic Center would be bursting to the seams with GEEKS and NERDS and FANS of all kinds of pop culture icons. So we all pretty much blew everyone’s minds and Shreveport put one together that turned out to be really great also! What is there left to complain about? Nothing, especially if you attended Geek’d Con this past weekend.

The guests were all top-notch and received fans with open arms and smiles. Fans were so happy and guests were having a great time. I’d say that between Bossier’s AVC-organized Louisiana Comic-Con last February, and this Geek’d Con in Shreveport, we have had two very successful cons. That means we can (probably, hopefully, maybe!) look forward to more.

Check out a few of my favorite shots below (you could be in one) and look for me on Facebook to see more of my photo galleries from Geek’d Con 2015

AVC Louisiana Comic Con is Oct 17-18 in Lafayette – check it out here

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