My Coverage of Louisiana Comic Con 2015

Wow, I am EXHAUSTED. It’s Sunday morning, and I’m snuggled up in my bed, wearing my new “Wyld Stallyns” tee, wrapped in my Wonder Woman blankie, & posting the HUNDREDS of pics I took at the Con yesterday. There’s a winter weather advisory in effect, so I’m not leaving this bed today. After writing this blog, I need to work on a 2,000 word essay due by midnight tomorrow for one of my college courses….sigh… it’s a good thing I enjoy writing!

Yesterday’s con was, by my standards, a HUGE success. Yes, the line was long. Yes, it was rainy. Yes, there were snafus that come with a first-time event. However, when I hear someone complaining & whining about these things, I’m not too shy to remind them that we don’t have to have Cons in this area…We should be grateful that all of our fandoms are getting local love and we local fans benefit from it in the long run! Chin up, Con-loving folks! Next year’s will be better!

With that out of the way, here’s my thoughts.


My crew was cosplaying Dr. Horrible’s Sing a Long Blog.

My boys and I had a BLAST. It was awesome to get to chat with & photograph so many hardcore fans from all genres and all walks of life. Theodus Crane, “Big Tiny” from The Walking Dead, was especially fun! He promised me an interview then left, but I caught him escaping & told him a thing or two! Hopefully he’ll make it up to me & let me feature him on my blog soon. 🙂 And Brian Steward is a cruel man who likes throwing water bottles at fans listening to panels. Shame on you, Brian!


Good news: if Brian throws water at you, he’ll give you $5!

All the stars were fantastic. All the fans were legit. And I don’t wanna hear about the “fly by fans” from negative folks. WE ARE ALL FANS! Your cosplay consistently blew my mind all day long! Some of you obviously put much time and love into your art!


My boys with my personal Fav cosplayer, Josh aka The Original Captain America.

The vendors were top-notch. Lots of cool stuff to buy for all fandoms! Special thanks to Chris Graham of MAN MADE SOAP in Bossier City, LA. 😉


All photos copyright 2015 © – please credit me if you use them anywhere online.

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