Critical Failure: Local Music Group of Con Fans will be at the First Annual Louisiana Comic Con!

The First Annual Louisiana Comic Con is coming to Bossier City this weekend (Feb. 21, 2015). I got an exclusive interview with Rich Kelham, a member of local band “Critical Failure” that will have a vendor booth set up & will be promoting their music.

I asked Rich to tell me all about Critical Failure and how they got started. Tell me about your band. When & how did it start? Tell me about the members and how you came up with the name “Critical Failure.”  Critical Failure formed in early 2013 from the ashes of a previous band that three of the members had been in previously. That band dissolved over time but Rich (guitar), Jaybee (drums) and Joseph (vocals) soon had an itch to write more music together. We were all familiar with each other, so the music quickly flowed easily. We had four or five new songs in the first month! We decided we were on to something pretty cool and recruited a friend, James, to play bass with us.

The line up was set. We spent about 6 months writing and rehearsing our act. We finally debuted in October 2013. Choosing a name was actually the hardest part of the whole process, but we all grew up as nerds and never quite grew out of it. For those who don’t know: In role playing games, when you roll a 1 on a d20 die, you have executed a critical failure. We all agreed and went with that name. We spent the next few months back and forth to the studio and eventually had a full 12 track album recorded, we titled it ‘Roll Initiative’ and it was released in fall of 2014 to a great response so far, so make sure to get yourself a copy!

You can purchase a copy of their album and band swag at the con this weekend!
You can purchase a copy of their album and band swag at the con this weekend!

What inspires your music? Our music is largely inspired by pop culture, some of it in a subtle way, some of it in a very obvious way. One track on our album is about the tyrannical rule of King Bowser over the mushroom kingdom! We will feel very at home at Con and look forward to making new friends and fans! Tell us about Critical Failure Upcoming Shows & Events: You can catch us this weekend hanging out at our booth at Louisiana Comic Con 2015, where we will be selling our CD, as well as a wide variety of merchandise to wear and display with pride! In March we will be on hand to open the show for the CD release party of our good friends ‘Milk Carton Mafia’ and then we will be headlining our own show at Tiki Bar in Shreveport on March 21st.

Where can people find out more about your nerdy band of nerds? Check us out online! We have all social media and video bases covered.

The band loves to get nerdy together.
The band loves to get nerdy together.

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